MKBMS 8S-14S 150A Li-ion battery protection board For Onewheel/ Ebike/Eskateboard

 In order to meet more needs, MKBMS launched the 8S-14S 150A Li-ion battery protection board specially designed for Onewheel/Ebike/Eskateboard/EUC
This blog will explain in detail the specifications, functions, operations, etc. of this dedicated BMS for charging.



1. Balance function to fully activate battery capacity
2. No need to adjust parameters, simpler operation
3. Metal heat sink, more stable performance
4. With locking cable arrangement, the wiring is more secure


Charging current: <60A

Discharge current: < 150A

Internal resistance: ≤15mΩ


Charging voltage: The number of Li-ion battery in series connection X 4.2V
Wiring : Different Port


Overcharge protection——

Detection voltage: 4.25±0.025V

Detection delay: 1000±500MS

Release voltage: 4.15±0.05V


Over-discharge voltage protection——

Detection voltage: 2.75±0.1V

Detection delay: 1000±500MS

Release voltage: 3.0±0.1V


Balanced voltage——

Detection voltage: 4.15±0.025V

Detection delay: 100±50MS

Balance current: 42±5MA


Over discharge current protection——

Detection voltage: 50±15MV

Detection delay: 1000±500MS

Current protection: 300±50A 450±50A 600±60A


Short circuit protection--

Trigger condition: external short circuit

Detection delay: 300us

Release condition: disconnect the load


Temperature control protection——

Charge and discharge over-temperature protection: 55℃

Charge and discharge high temperature release temperature: 75℃

Release condition:During normal working temperature




Working power consumption: <35UA

Over-discharge power consumption(Sleeping State): <10UA

Operating temperature range: -30°~+80°C

Operation Notes:

           It is strictly prohibited to weld the cable with the protective plate connected. Before connecting the protective plate, you must first confirm that the cable is welded correctly.

           The wiring sequence of connecting the protective board to the battery is as follows:
1. The wiring starts from the black wire connected to -, the second wire (white wire) is connected to the positive terminal of the first string of batteries, and then connected to the positive terminal of each string of batteries in turn, until the last string of +;
2. After connecting the cable, please do not insert the plug directly. First measure the voltage between each two adjacent metal terminals on the back of the plug. If it is a ternary polymer battery, the voltage should be between 3.0 and 4.2V. For lithium iron battery, the voltage should be between 2.0 and 3.6V. For lithium iron titanate battery, the voltage should be between 2.0 and 3.6V. The voltage should be between 1.5~2.75V;
3. After confirming that the wiring sequence and voltage of the cables are correct, insert them into the protective board socket.
Special note: Cables from different manufacturers are not universal, please make sure to use matching cables.

Common Uses:

▪ One-wheeled electric skateboards

▪ Electric Skateboards

▪ Electric Scooters

▪ Electric Bikes


Thank you for your patience in reading, see you in the next blog.

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