MAXKGO affiliate program is officially launched

The best partner for high-quality products is excellent resources!

So, I came to you with the best product!

My friend. Welcome to the MAXKGO affiliate program!

Yes, this is something that you can share and make money at the same time!

Regarding our alliance, you must have a lot of questions now. It doesn't matter, I will answer you one by one!

Why do we need affiliate program?

  • Sell all MAXKGO products through your website, social media, blog and other channels and get a 6% commission from them;
  • Provide your customers with a 5% purchase discount to help your sales;
  • No need to manage products, easy to develop business;
  • Access to more industry information.

Why must be MAXKGO?

  • lWide product coverage.

MAXKGO is an electronics company dedicated to home LED light strip controllers, skateboard LED light strip controllers, BMS and smart toys, which integrate outdoor sports, smart homes, and battery management. Its products cover users from sports to homes to electronics. Accessories and other fields;

  • lThe product has R&D advantages.

We have a professional R&D team, and each engineer has more than 10 years of experience in the industry, so our products are more competitive.

  • lStrictly control product quality.

MAXKGO has its own production plant to control product quality from the source;

  • l Thoughtful after-sales service.

For every product you sell, our company is solely responsible for the after-sales service;

  • lExcellent customer service.

A first-class customer team works around the clock, taking every customer's needs and problems seriously.

How to cooperate with MAXKGO?

  1. Click "Affiliate Program" and register as a member of MAXKGO through your email address.

The MAXKGO affiliate program is officially launched

  1. Then the system will generate your exclusive promotion link and your promotion discount code; you can share your exclusive promotion link to your users and fans through any channels such as websites, forums, social platforms, etc.

    As long as they successfully place an order through your promotion link, you will earn a 6% commission; at the same time, you can use the discount code to increase your promotion efforts, and your customers can enjoy a 5% discount by using the discount code.

    I think they must be very happy!
The MAXKGO affiliate program is officially launched
  1. Please note: Registering as an affiliate member means that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of the affiliate program.

You can also use the mobile APP to operate:

Click the link or scan the QR code to download the APP:

MAXKGO affiliate program is officially launched
The MAXKGO affiliate program is officially launched

  1. Login if you already have an affiliate account or create a new account in the app.
  2. When prompted enter the following STORE ID (or scan the QR code below)

STORE ID 166300

QR Code:

The MAXKGO affiliate program is officially launched

  1. Then, the APP will generate your exclusive promotion link and promotion discount code, and our alliance relationship is officially established!

How to get income?

  • We will pay all the commissions earned to affiliate partners through PayPal every month-regardless of the amount.

Last But Not the Least:

  1. Please remember that we only allow affiliates that use ethical marketing practices (no spam or offensive content).
  2. To earn commission by recommending other people to shop on our official website, you must include your exclusive promotion link in the promotional materials (pictures, videos, etc.) that provided by us, otherwise our system may not be The resulting sales are credited to your account.
  3. We do not pay commissions for self-purchasing, so please do not use your own promotional links for shopping. All self-purchasing will be voided.


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