Best Battery Management System is Coming!

As we all know, the application of electricity has already involved the food, clothing, shelter, and transportation of people all over the world, and its popularity will continue to grow. Correspondingly, the safety of battery applications has become one of the issues that everyone is most concerned about. Therefore, the battery management system has also become an important sector in the field of battery safety technology.

MAXKGO has always been adhering to the concept of " Intelligent technology makes life better!"
And making the battery safer is also the practice of this concept.
MAXKGO has increased the MKBMS product series.MKBMS is developed based on the open source materials of DieBieMS and ENNOID BMS. Therefore, MKBMS is also compatible with ENNOID firmware. Here, we sincerely thank the developers of open source BMS materials.

Based on the open source materials of DieBieMS and ENNOID BMS, we also made a series of wiring adjustment designs based on our own advantages. We adjusted the hardware design, PCB board size, circuit layout and board material.

  1. We designed the size of the BMS board to be more mini, which makes the installation of MKBMS on unicycles, electric skateboards, trams and other equipment more convenient and easier.
  2. The circuit layout of the MKBMS board is more compact.
  3. For the power supply range of the external power supply input voltage, we have expanded from 12V to within 90V. At the same time, it realizes two power supply modes for MKBMS to be powered by external power supply or internal battery power supply, and it also simplifies the operation of independent external power supply.
  4. From the material of the board, we have also replaced it with an aluminum substrate solution with excellent heat dissipation performance, which allows multiple slave boards to achieve tower connection, and the wiring is more concise; at the same time, the insulated nylon screws make the combination more layered.
  5. In addition, we have also improved the external accessories of the BMS board. In the shipment package, we are equipped with all interface cables, switch buttons and OLED display (default 1.3 inches, and 0.96 inches to choose from ), which makes the use of MKBMS more convenient and efficient.

These are just the first steps for MAXKGO to adjust the open source BMS. In the future, we will listen to more users' voices, collect more users' suggestions, and continue to make progress in the development of modular BMS to make the experience more perfect.

In order to express my gratitude to the open source BMS developers! For each MKBMS sold on MAXKGO's official website, $5 will be used as a sponsorship for the open source research and development of ENNIOD technology. We will also regularly announce the sponsorship situation every month, hoping that open source BMS can benefit more consumers.
Intelligent technology makes life better!
MAXKGO BMS makes the use of batteries safer!

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