Let’s Learn About MAXKGO Hardware BMS

This time, I will introduce the characteristics of MAXKGO hardware BMS. This blog will explain the functions of hardware BMS, MAXKGO's unique multi-series battery optional switch design and other product features, please read it below.

4S-14S Li-ion Battery BMS 12V-52V 30A Same Port 18650 Battery Pack Balance Protection Board

1. The difference between hardware BMS and software BMS

Like the software BMS, the hardware BMS can manage and protect the battery and prolong the service life of the battery. The hardware BMS of MAXKGO has the same functions as overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overcurrent protection, balance protection, and temperature control protection as the software BMS.
The difference between them is that the hardware BMS runs a specific program through the chip, and cannot perform parameter adjustment like the software BMS, and the pure hardware BMS cannot perform IC monitoring.
Application Differences: Hardware BMS is more suitable for: it is not necessary to monitor the battery status during use, and it does not need to modify parameter settings, which is more convenient and cheaper. Software BMS is more suitable for situations that need to monitor battery status and real-time parameter settings, and is more professional.

2. Product Features

2.1 Design of optional switches for multiple strings of batteries

The biggest feature of MAXKGO's hardware BMS is its variable design. Unlike most BMSs that protect with fixed battery series values, MAXKGO's hardware BMS can protect battery packs within a certain S value.
It provides more choices for users such as DIY players.

The protection of 4S-7S; 8S-14S battery pack is achieved by adjusting the switch.

2.2 Integrated Design

Compared with products of the same type, MAXKGO controls the volume to 1/2 of the volume of the market products through tower design and high integration, while still constructing its internal system very well, so that it can provide good protection for high voltage and high current batteries.
The high degree of integration shows MAXKGO's familiarity and confidence in BMS products. MAXKGO wants to provide more space and weight freedom to the user of the product.

2.3 Good heat dissipation effect

For the 30A hardware BMS, due to the small overcurrent, we adopt the form of air cooling.
For 200A high current BMS, in addition to heat dissipation through copper strips and high-performance MOSFETs, we also adopt an aluminum alloy sandwich design. The high thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy ensures that our BMS has stable characteristics during operation.

That's all for this blog, thanks for watching.


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