Hello everyone, in this blog, let's explore MAXKGO's NO.1 product: All-in-one BMS.

MKBMS-SS is based on the modular BMS of LTC6811 and STM32 MCU. It is a full-featured BMS for electric electrical motorbikes, light electric vehicles, and electric skateboards. It is a smart mini BMS that integrates charging protection, discharge protection, temperature protection, and passive balance.

6S-12S 200A Smart BMS

The biggest highlight of this product is the compact layout and mini size that everyone who gets it will marvel at.

Compared with similar products, we have reduced the size of the All-in-one BMS to 1/5 of the market products, while still building its internal system very well, so that it can protect and control high voltage and high current's battery.
The high degree of integration shows MAXKGO's familiarity and confidence in BMS. MAXKGO wants to provide product users with more space and weight freedom during DIY design.

The second highlight of MKBMS is: heat dissipation.
The material of MSXKGO integrated board BMS is multi-layer glass fiber board with high Tg (the higher the Tg value, the better the temperature resistance of the board). Without shall version, it mainly relies on the flow of air to dissipate heat.
Compared with the bare board, the BMS with a shell uses an aluminum alloy shell, which not only brings better heat dissipation effect, but also forms a very good protective effect on the circuit board: it can isolate dust and other impurities, and prolong the life of the board and electronic components. Long life, custom aluminum housing also makes the BMS more beautiful.
Even users who have purchased bare boards do not need to worry about heat dissipation.
Our all-in-one 12S 200A bare board, the main overcurrent heat dissipation is through copper strips.

Our all-in-one BMS bare board can still carry a large current in such a small size without the heat dissipation assistance of thermally conductive adhesive and aluminum alloy shell, mainly for the following reasons:
1. The PCB board of our integrated board uses a high Tg multi-layer glass fiber board (the higher the Tg value, the better the temperature resistance of the board), and the 200A board uses a multi-layer combined glass fiber board.
2. The board layout has 4 copper strips on both sides. The size of the copper strip is 66*10*2 mm, and the material is red copper. The overcurrent and heat dissipation of the BMS pass through the copper strips. The purpose of designing these four copper strips is to provide greater stability for the overcurrent and heat dissipation.

3. Our all-in-one board BMS uses high-quality MOSFETs, although MOSFETs themselves do not have the function of heat dissipation. But high-quality MOSFETs can maintain a low temperature during overcurrent.
The above points all ensure that our BMS has stable characteristics during overcurrent. Even if thermal conductive glue and metal casing are not required, the flow of air can also conduct good heat dissipation.
Technical advantages:
MKBMS-SS is based on the modular BMS of LTC6811 and STM32 MCUs.
  • The LTC6811 is a multi-cell battery pack monitor that measures up to 12 cells in series with less than 1.2mV total measurement error.
  • STM32MCU is a 32-bit microcontroller processor chip of ST company. ST's product portfolio contains a comprehensive range of microcontrollers, from robust, low-cost 8-bit MCUs up to 32-bit ARM-based Cortex®-M0 and M0+, Cortex®-M3, Cortex®-M4 Flash microcontrollers with a great choice of peripherals. ST has also extended this range to include an ultra-low-power MCU platform.

In addition, there are the following Features
  1. Automotive grade monitoring & balancing IC with separate power supply for increased reliability
  2. Voltages measurements for load, charger & battery pack
  3. Bi-directional current monitoring
  4. SOC based on coulomb counting
  5. With humidity sensor and circuit board temperature monitoring.
  6. Charger detection circuit
  7. Integrated precharge circuit
  8. The power button, USB-C, UART, I2C & isolated CAN bus interface
  9. On board High-Efficiency 3.3V regulator powered from the main battery pack
  10. High current capacity automotive grade screw connectors for main power connections
  11. Buzzer & status LED
  12. Aluminum alloy shell for better heat dissipation
  13. Automotive grade design, automotive grade locking connector.
  14. Compatible with MAXKGO-BMS-TOOL and ENNOID-BMS-TOOL.

Thanks for your patience, see you in the next blog.


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