Zhuhai MAXKGO Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2021,which is a scientific and technological innovation company integrating R&D, production and sales, focusing on the research and innovation of lithium battery protection technology.


Nowadays, MAXKGO has launched two version of smart BMS (battery management system) and hardware BMS, which can support the use of 4S-35S, 12v-150v, 5A-500A battery pack. Our product is widely used in energy storage, electric vehicles, electric tools, electric wheelchairs, AGV, forklifts and other fields.


MAXKGO smart BMS boards are based on the open source software of DieBieMS and ENNOID BMS. Considering the needs of different customers, engineers highly integrated the circuit layout, aiming to provide customers with better battery management services at a lower cost.


The biggest feature of MAXKGO hardware BMS is its variable design. Unlike most battery protect boards that protect with fixed battery series values, MAXKGO hardware BMS can protect battery packs within a certain S value. It realizes the feature that the single board is compatible with batteries of various specifications.

Provide users with more choices. Compared with BMS of the same specification in the market, MAXKGO hardware BMS has a more compact layout, smaller volume and more space-saving.


MAXKGO focuses on technology R&D, and we want to bringing people a better life with technology! We hope that more and more international companies and consumers will truly feel the progress that technological innovation has brought to our lives.