Zhuhai MAXKGO Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2021,which is a scientific and technological innovation company integrating R&D, production and sales, focusing on the research and innovation of lithium battery protection technology. We continue to propose new ideas and improve battery management system to help customers find the best solution for battery DIY. At present, our BMS products(MKBMS) have solved the management problem of 4S-96S battery charge and discharge. MKBMS is a more personalized and more cost-effective BMS, based on LTC68XX and STM32 MCU modular BMS. Customers can set personal parameters on MaxkGo-BMS-Tool according to their needs and match relative devices for use, higher accuracy and safety.
Meanwhile, our goal is to provide OEM and ODM -- the best personalized solutions to help customers solve battery management problems.


Our R&D team focuses on the communication between the BMS and the controller, making the night travel of skateboarders safer and cooler. But we are well aware that the current products cannot meet the needs of all esk8 enthusiasts because they are currently only suitable for VESC , FSESC and Focbox ESCs, or other ESCs based on VESC. Otherwise, it cannot work.

Nowadays, MAXKGO has launched two version of smart BMS (battery management system) and hardware BMS,etc.

MAXKGO smart BMS boards are based on the open source software of DieBieMS and ENNOID BMS. Considering the needs of different customers, engineers highly integrated the circuit layout, aiming to provide customers with better battery management services at a lower cost.

The biggest feature of MAXKGO hardware BMS is its variable design. Unlike most battery protect boards that protect with fixed battery series values, MAXKGO hardware BMS can protect battery packs within a certain S value. It realizes the feature that the single board is compatible with batteries of various specifications.

Provide users with more choices. Compared with BMS of the same specification in the market, MAXKGO hardware BMS has a more compact layout, smaller volume and more space-saving.


Last but not least, we have a professional and strong sales and after-sales service team, which is online for nearly 24 hours to provide timely assistance to customers; we are very familiar with the principles of product structure and patiently solve any problems caused by customers using our products. To work seriously and to control quality strictly is the way of MAXKGO members towards work. At the same time, we firmly believe that altruism is the essence of business. Always user-centered, we are aim to solve user needs and create happiness for users.