The difference between MAXKGO BMS and other BMS

I believe that everyone does not understand the differences between different brands of BMS. This blog discusses the differences between MAXKGO, DALYBMS, and JKBMS.

Whether it is MAXKGO JKBMS DALYBMS or their overcharge and overdischarge, the basic functions of BMS are complete.

However, they have not put much effort into the size, volume, and weight of BMS.

For people who like DIY electric skateboards and ONEWHEEL, a lightweight and small BMS is a dream, So I will elaborate on the advantages of 24S 70A MAXKGO SMART BMS

  1. Compact layout and mini,Can communicate with VESC controller
  2. Using aluminum alloy material shell, better heat dissipation.
  3. Automotive grade design, automotive grade locking connector.
  4. Configuring and firmware upgrades over USB through the MAXKGO-BMS-TOOLand ENNOID-BMS-TOOL.
  5. Automotive grade monitoring & balancing IC with separate power supply for increased reliability
  6. Voltages measurements for load, charger & battery pack
  7. Bi-directional current monitoring
  8. SOC based on coulomb counting
  9. Humidity sensor & board temperature monitoring
  10. Charger detection circuit
  11. Integrated precharge circuit
  12. Power button, USB-C, UART, I2C & isolated CAN bus interface
  13. On board High-Efficiency 3.3V regulator powered from the main battery pack
  14. High current capacity automotive grade screw connectors for main power connections
  15. Buzzer & status LED

Application areas:

  1. Electric skateboard
  2. Electric bicycle
  3. Electric unicycle
  4. Electric scooter
  5. Electric tricycle
  6. Solar street light
  7. Energy storage equipment
  8. Sightseeing car
  9. Handling forklift
  10. Consumer robots

Most people apply it to electric skateboards,There is also a BMS suitable for onewheel:

Because for DIY electric skateboard and ONEWHEEL enthusiasts, a good protective board that is suitable for installation and does not take up battery space is so indispensable, so that it can protect the battery well, last longer, and be lighter and faster. A more stable ride


You are welcome to contact us via social media or,Our MAXKGO team is willing to provide you with more detailed technical answers.

Thank you for your patience in reading, see you in the next blog.

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