How to Communicate BMS with VESC?

If you don't know how to communicate all-in-one BMS with VESC, then you come to the right place! We will show you how to do that. Hope this Blog is helpful to you!

MAXKGO 12S All-in-one BMS
Flipsky Mini V6 ESC
10S Battery pack (we make in the video which in the last on this blog)

After completing the wiring of the battery pack according to the wiring diagram on the product detail page, let's start the parameter setting.
(Since we are using a 10S battery pack, we wire it according to the 10S wiring diagram)

Step 1: BMS settings

 1. Open "MaxkGo-BMS-Tool", Click "Refresh serial port list" or "Connect" to connect BMS.

2. Click "Cell Management" and set relevant parameters at "Specifications" according to BMS and battery--Click "Write BMS configuration" and click "Store BMS configuration to Flash".

3. Click "General"--Select the "CAN" column-Select "True" for "Emit status over CAN"--Select "VESC" for "Emit status protocol"--Click "Write BMS configuration" and click "Store BMS configuration to Flash"--Click "Disconnect"

4. After the BMS settign is completed it can start normally.

 Step 2: Connect the ESC and BMS

1. Plug in the USB cable to connect the VESC to the computer.

2. Turn off the BMS and connect the BMS to the VESC.

3.Then Start BMS and VESC

Step 3: VESC settings

1. Open "VESC TOOL" and click "AutoConnect" to connect the computer with VESC successfully.

2.Click "Setup Motors FOC" to match the moters-- Choose the motor type according to you use--"Next"--"Yes"

3. Set parameters based on battery usage data--"Next"

Fill in the "Gear Ratio" according to your build--Click "Run Detection" and "OK"--then wait for the moters to match the VESC

4. Motor matching is successful, click "OK" and "Finish"

Step 4: Match the remote in VESC-Tool

1. Start the remote control and click "Setup Input" --"Next"--Select the type of remote used--"Next"

2.Try to operate the remote control, if the software senses it, click "Apply"--"Next"--"Finish"

3. After settings are complete, BMS and VESC can work normally.

4. Click "BMS" in "VESC Tool",then click "BMS Data" to check the usage of each battery. 

Here is the video link:

Thank you for your patience in reading, see you in the next blog.

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