BMS External NTC Thermistor Tutorial

Since the built-in temperature sensing system in MAXKGO All-in-one BMS can only detect the temperature of the BMS itself, if customers have other temperature detection requirements: such as detecting the temperature of the battery pack, etc., they can be realized through an external temperature sensor.

This blog will show you how to connect an NTC temperature sensor to the All-in-one BMS.


This tutorial uses:

12S 60V 70A All-in-one BMS *1

NTC thermistor (Specification: NTC 100K B4250)

Step 1: Find this single-head HY2.0-10P line

Step 2: Prepare a suitable NTC thermistor

(NTC thermistor specification: NTC 100K B4250)(The NTC thermistor in the picture is regardless of positive and negative poles.)

There are generally two types of NTC thermistors on the market:

① Distinguish between positive and negative poles

② No distinction between positive and negative poles

For example, our 12S All-in-one BMS can add up to 5 NTC thermistors.

Step 3: Connect the NTC thermistor to the single-head HY2.0-10P line.

Assuming you are using an NTC thermistor that distinguishes between positive and negative poles, solder one side of the negative pole to our HY2.0-10P black wire, and solder the other side of the positive pole to the red wire.

① 1 external NTC thermistor

② 3 external NTC thermistors

Plug the HY2.0-10P cable into the BMS, then open the "MAXKGO-BMS-TOOL" or "ENNOID-BMS-TOOL" and connect the BMS to the computer to start setting parameters.


Step 4: Parameter setting

"Temp sensor per board" refers to the number of external sensors per BMS. (Change according to the number of external temperature sensors), since we only add an NTC thermistor, we change it to 1.

After the setting is completed, the working status of the external sensor can be obtained.

When we connect three external temperature sensors, change "Temp sensor per board" to 3, and then we can get the working status of the three external sensors.

Thank you for your patience in reading, see you in the next blog.

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